TREIT trades as the first day after conversion

28 December 2017 - The Stock Exchange of Thailand congratulated TICON Management Co.,Ltd. in occasion of TREIT's trading as the first day after conversion with total asset of 3.2 billion Baht. TREIT - the largest industrial REIT in Thailand - is the latest REITs trading by the end of 2017.

Executive Group posing (from left) : Mr. Trairak Tengtrirat Managing Director - Head of Investment Banking & Capital Markets Group of Phatra Securities PCL., Mr.Amnouy Jiramahapoka - Executive Vice President Head of Issuer Marketing Group 1 of SET, Mr.Peerapong Jirasevijinda - Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of BBL Asset Management Co., Ltd., Mrs. Kesara Manchusree - President of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), Mr. Peerapat Srisukont - Managing Director of TICON Management Co.,Ltd. (TMAN), Mr. Virapan Pulges - Chief Executive Officer of TICON and Mr. Sopon Racharaksa - President of TICON Industrial Connection PCL. (TICON).

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