FTREIT announces fourth capital increase of THB 2 billion in December 2023
FTREIT announces its success as the leader with FY2023 results with THB 3.7 billion in revenue, expands industry-leading portfolio
FTREIT announces 9-month performance with total revenue of THB 2,800 million with a dividend of 3QFY2023 at THB 0.1870 per unit
FTREIT invests in THB 3.1 billion assets, expanding leasable area to 2.3 million sq.m.
FTREIT achieves continuous growth with new high occupancy rate, booking half-year total revenue of THB 1.9 billion
Thailand's largest industrial trust FTREIT reports a robust first quarter for FY2023 with plans to invest THB 3,500 million increasing its leasable area to 2.3 million sqm
Leading FTREIT completes 2023 AGM and highlights stable growth plans with continued investments in high-potential assets
FTREIT announces FY2022 results with plans to invest THB 3.5 billion in FY2023
FTREIT delivers 8.4% profit growth for the first 9 month results with a dividend of 3QFY2022 at THB 0.1750 per unit
FTREIT’s unitholders approve assets acquisition, strengthening its leading position as Thailand’s leading industrial REIT with a portfolio worth over THB 46,200 million
FTREIT Announces 8.3% Year-on-Year Growth in Total Revenue to reach THB 1,812.8 Million in 1HFY2022 driven by high short-term demands for warehouses
FTREIT achieved 1QFY2022 revenue of THB 905.8 million and dividend payment of THB 0.1700 Per Unit

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